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Hello Cruel World


Hello friends! Welcome to my blog where I guarantee you will find unusual rants, random poems, and writing advice. The reason I’ve decided to start an actual blog rather than the half-hearted one I have on Goodreads, is because I was tired of worrying about what I was going to write. I want this to be a place where I can post anything I want and not worry about what people with think of it. I also decided I would like to post Author Interviews once a week for self-published authors. I know I’ve always found it very difficult to find good websites where I can talk about my work and I’m hoping this will turn into one of them.

If you can’t tell by the picture, I love art. I love the way it allows you to feel and express yourself i.e. what I’m hoping this blog will allow me to do. I should properly introduce myself though, Hi, I’m Dylann Rhea. I’m the author of Tormented Soul, a young adult fantasy I wrote two years ago. I’m really excited to start this blog so it gives people a chance to get to know me for me. My goal is to be myself here 100%. I’m not going to sugar coat things and I may even post about serious issues every now and then.

For now, here I am world!


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