Saving people, hunting things, the family business


Let me explain how these two idiots saved my life. Way back in 2010 I was in a very dark place. Any emotion I had was ripped away from me, I became this almost robotic person. I would do things I needed to do but completely shut everything and everyone else out. I kept my mouth shut, afraid what I said would be made fun of or I would get in trouble. This dark period came from years of abuse and began just as my parents were getting divorced. The household was so tense that when any of my sister or I came home we would immediately hide in our rooms. I had no one to really talk to about this purely out of fear no one would understand.

One day while I was at the beach, instead of actually going to the beach I stayed at the beach house. Flicking through the boring morning shows I came across TNT which as many supernatural fans know plays reruns every morning. I stopped when I saw a young guy on the screen with an M1911A1 pointed at another man in the middle of the road. After a few seconds of dialogue and a Mr. Rogers joke, I was sucked in. I spent the rest of the time huddled behind my computer watching every episode I could get my hands on. After an entire summer of binge watching TV before it was popular, I introduced it to my friend who was sucked in just as quickly as I was. As we continued to watch the show, we grew very close. We had known each other ever since elementary school, but what we didn’t know was how much alike we actually were. We both come from difficult pasts and have had to deal with our fair share of crap. She is my best friend and the most important person in my life. Without our shared interest in this show, I probably would have stayed the robot I was forced to turn into.

This show allowed us to make life long friends through their conventions. It showed me what family is supposed to look like. The actors are so humble and incredibly inspiring. So, since tonight is Supernatural Wednesday, I salute you.


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