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You have good days, you have bad days


*Post contains spoilers for the Storm Trilogy! Do not read if you wish to read the series!*

Some days I wonder if my second book is as good as my first. Like I said in a previous post I tend to go back and forth on this idea especially since there’s less than a week until it’s released. Writing the third book now, I realize it’s because it’s not the same main character from the first book. I love Kaden from book one. But book two Kaden is completely cut off from her emotions. She’s heart broken and doesn’t even realize it. I had several chapter of the third book done way before I had finished the publishing process for the second book. I kept thinking about why I didn’t care about writing the last one when it just hit me. In the face. Like a volleyball (it wouldn’t be the first time). I needed to bring Kaden back to life. Book one Kaden is this strong female hell bent on saving her friend. Book two she is this broken down girl. Book three she needs to be that strong kick ass girl again.

For a long time I thought I didn’t like the writing of Book two, but my editor told me my writing had gotten better and there was less for me to edit in the second book than in the first. I realized it wasn’t my writing that was bothering me, it was how sad my main character was. She is a part of me and to read a story with someone you are connected to be completely shut down is really unpleasant. I can’t wait to see Kaden rise from the ashes. I apologize if this post is really bizarre, but I’m typing this one three cups of coffee and very late at night. Well, late at night for me is like midnight. But that combination for me is the equivalent of a drunk person texting.


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