Always and Forever


I’ve been sitting here with the same idea for a blog post and have rewritten it twice already. I’m just so torn. I guess I will start with the fact this will be a review for The Originals (kind of). I know I’ve been eager to write a post about it, but there’s also so much I want to say that I don’t know where to start. Spoilers will proceed.

First of all, I am so sorry TVD fans. I watched twenty minutes of the last episode where Caroline is apparently pregnant with Ricks twins and just….I’m so sorry. I used to watch that show and really enjoyed it so to see that was like watching a car accident. It just keeps getting worse. TVD used to be good until about season five, then it just went down hill.

Any way, The Originals, I love love love season one and two. I really do. This season just isn’t as good for some reason. I think the whole sire line plot was appealing when they announced it during Comic Con, but I’m not liking the execution very much. There were too many characters introduced at once for me. I do like Lucien a lot and even Aya, but everyone else is just kind of there. Is anyone else feeling this way?  So far my favorite episode this season has been 3×02 written by Carina MacKenzie. I think she nailed it! It had a lot of the Mikaelson family interaction I love and I wish we got to see more of. My two favorite scenes this season have been the whole Klaus/Hayley fight scene, that was just perfectly done. Then I really enjoyed the drunk Klaus/Lucien scene.

I’m really wishing we get to see more Hope. Especially after the whole thing that happened last season with her stopping the car. I want more! If there isn’t more about that or we don’t at least see her do little stuff, I’m going to be very disappointed. It’s only been six episodes so far so maybe I’ll do another review after a few more episodes to see if my feelings have changed. If anyone wants me to write reviews for episodes for The Originals or Supernatural let me know, I’ll be happy to do it. And I just love talking about these shows overall so if you’re interested to hear my opinions in more detail click the like button.


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