Anti Sea World

Let’s free Willy!

photo (4) w

Let’s talk Blackfish. For those of you who haven’t seen it go watch it tonight on CNN. Documentaries aren’t my favorite thing, but this one is mind blowing.

For my entire life Killer Whales have been my favorite animals. When I was younger my favorite movie was Free Willy, I’m not even joking, I used to think I was Jesse. As I got older (probably my teen years) I realized how awful Sea World is. I’ve been there twice when I was younger and looking back I regret going so much. It makes me sick to think that people think holding a wild animal in such a small cage is okay. The whales can swim there body length twice before they have to turn around. Could you image being stuck in a box you could only take two step in before turning around?

The most emotional part of the movie is the footage they have of killer whales swimming freely in the ocean. There’s something about that’s so beautiful and for whatever reason makes me cry every time. It would be so magical to see these creatures in their actual environment instead of doing silly tricks in a tank. The parking lot to Sea World is bigger than their tanks. What person on planet Earth, thought that would be acceptable. That is inhumane and down right disgusting. So, if you haven’t seen Blackfish yet, please watch it. It’s very powerful and you won’t regret it.


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