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The early bird gets the worm


Why did no one tell me there was a pre-order option for my book!? I swear keeping up with all these processes and website waiting periods is going to kill me one day. I’m working on setting up Fallen Warrior to be released tomorrow since I won’t be around most of the day, and I’m just reading that Amazon has a three to five business day waiting period. Shouldn’t I just be able to click a button and upload it? And if it say three to five days how the hell am I supposed to know when it actually goes up? This is why I shouldn’t wait until the night before to set things up. I’m pretty sure that happened for Tormented Soul but I didn’t care because it was my first book so I had no idea what I was doing. I don’t have an excuse this time, damn. For anyone who was waiting for the Amazon release, I am so sorry if it’s not actually posted tomorrow. I believe hard copies will be available through Createspace though. Unless I didn’t read something on that website. This social media stuff is slowly melting my brain. I have five websites I have to check before I can actually start working. You will be the death of me. Hopefully next year when the last book is ready I can figure out how to do the early bird order. I guess we’ll see.



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