Lights, Camera, Action

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Stamford, Connecticut

This weeks mini adventure was to the Steve Wilkos show. I’ve been to other live shows before, but I have to this one was so much fun! There’s something so entertaining than watching people yell at one another. I know there are people who will argue that this show is all fake, but I can assure you it isn’t and that’s what made it difficult to watch at times. It’s raw emotion unfolding in front of you as people tell their stories to a bunch of strangers. I’m not so sure why anyone would what to have a family therapy session on a TV show, but I guess it works. Back to the emotional aspect, I’m not going to get too much into detail, but I will say there was a variety of issues discussed on the show. I think I saw every possible ‘case type’ that has been solved on that show. There was even a point I wanted to cry myself for certain people. Again, this is the type of thing almost anyone can go to if they have a ride. Besides waiting in line, this show along with a bunch of other are free. If you’re thinking about going to a taping I highly recommend this one. Steve was nice and very funny (which I wasn’t really expecting). So go my friends, journey into the wild wild world!


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