Plush review



Episode 11×07

This post contains spoilers

Loved the old school Sam and Dean! The whole opening scene with Sam praying and Dean making fun of him for it made it feel almost like season five again. I think for the past few years the show was lacking in real brother moments and this was definitely one of them. I’m really hoping Sam’s visions are connected to Lucifer and that maybe Adam will return. They have this whole story line with Amara being God’s sister who was locked up and looking for revenge so I’m hoping by the seasons end maybe Adam will return somehow. Sam’s Rodger rabbit joke was awful but I loved it and it fit his character perfectly.

Let me get to Donna. I like Donna, I really do, it’s just…it bother me that the only way Supernatural can have female hunters now is if they’re cops. Why don’t they introduce a female hunter again like Jo or Ellen? Is it so hard to do that? I love Jodie too. I actually think it would be cool if they had a Wayward Daughters spin off with Claire, Krissy, and Alex. That would be awesome. Except they would need new writers for the show because I don’t really like how the Supernatural writers write their females lately. Did they really have to go into Donna’s love life? Why not just her career or something else?

Anyway, the costume idea was pretty cool. I haven’t really been scared by Supernatural episodes lately so it was a nice surprise. My favorite was the Court Jester. I like the plain mask thing. It’s super creepy that the masks have no expression and when they add the music, it really steps up the scenes game. Sam stuck in an elevator with a clown was really funny too. The really sad thing about the scene where they kill Chester was the first thing that popped into my head was ‘Wow, that’s a nice bridge’.

Okay so the last scene! I don’t know but I’m really hoping in order to kill Amara they have to somehow switch her with Adam or somehow he’s connected. It would make sense right? They locked him a way and he’s been down there for a while. It’s probably just me wanting Adam to come back. I can dream, right?


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