Out of the Easy


The Originals

Episode 3×07

This post contains spoilers

First thought: Who decided to throw up Thanksgiving into the compound? It was overkill even for The Original family. Over all I think this was a very interesting episode. There was a lot more character than boring plot. I still can’t decide if I like Aurora or not. She’s bad shit crazy which I really like. I think it was really smart to have a suicidal vampire, but can’t she just kill herself by ripping her heart out?

I LOVE Lucien so much! He’s so hilarious and I love how Klaus just told him to shut up at the dinner table. It was priceless. Tristan I still really don’t care about. I mean, I like who his character is and how he acts but that’s about it. I don’t understand why he’s supposed to be this super elite vampire. He doesn’t really do anything at all. Thank God Cami finally did something not boring this episode! I like her, but lately her story line has been so annoying. And Davina is finally not important! Thank you writers! I really don’t even know why she’s still in the show because her character doesn’t do shit but whine about how she hates the original family.

AHHHHHH!!!! Vampire Cami! Bring it on!

And Jackson and Hayley’s fight made so much sense, but bitch where the fuck was Jackson after Hayley gave birth? He left her too! He hid in the freakin’ woods for months without saying shit to Hayley after she lost everything so shut the fuck up Jackson.


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