The world’s asleep, but I’m awake


One of the most frustrating things for me is the amount of time I’ve had lately to write. For a long time I wasn’t writing, but that was mostly me dealing with my own problems. Now that I actually want to get into the swing of things I just can’t seem to find a good time to get my work done.

Whether it’s people having a conversation upstairs or the dogs barking up a storm, there never seems to be peace and quiet for me to sit and think. Even with headphones on and music blasting, I just can’t seem to get past all the shenanigans going on around the house anymore. I started staying up late into the night to get my work done and for a while it did work, the problem was that I wasn’t able to catch up on my sleep. It really bummed me out too because working at night was so nice. I would sit in my own space with no drama or responsibilities weighing on my shoulders. Everything was silent. Curse my sleep pattern! It’s almost impossible for me to sleep in. Now, I do sleep until about 9:00 am every morning which is really late, but I fall asleep around 1 every night. It’s not a nice nine hour sleep either. It’s tossing and turning, turning the tv on and turning it off, and occasionally I start to think about my work and have to get up to take notes on my phone.

I really don’t know how college students manage. My friend stays up until 2 in the morning sometimes and goes to classes at 7. I am not worthy of being in your presence if you can do that on a daily basis. And she doesn’t drink as much coffee as I do.


As a side note, I was interrupted by a loud bang while writing this (my sister was looking for her video games upstairs).


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