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Into the Groove


Getting into the writing groove is a lot more difficult than people many think. It actually can take me close to an hour to really get into my characters mind set. Even though it can get annoying, once it happens I have a hard time stopping. There will be times when I eat lunch around 5 o’clock because I forget that I’m hungry. I love that. It’s so much fun blocking everything out and being absorbed into a world you created. Again, the only real downfall is that getting into this groove doesn’t happen as often as I wish it would. When you’re working at home it’s very easy for everyone around you to remember your actually working.

People who ask me stupid questions while I’m in this zone better watch out. Especially when I’m working on a scene that has me really focused. I actually snapped at my sister once for asking me something that could have waited until I was done. I didn’t really mean to, but two of my characters were arguing and it’s very difficult to mentally have two people in your head arguing and then just snap back to reality. It really is like being an actor except you aren’t physically making the gestures. The more I think about it, it’s really creepy. Kind of like staring blankly at a computer screen, but them having fifty billion things going on in your head. I’m going to stop now before I sound totally insane. Please don’t send me to an asylum. That’s actually one of my fears too. Being locked away with no way out. Scary as hell.

(If you’re wondering what the picture has to do with anything, that’s an actual abandoned asylum I went to I mean visited.)


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