Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today


From what I’ve been told growing up, I am part Cherokee. Now, because my mom was adopted at a young age I don’t have too much information on just how Cherokee I am or really anything about the culture in general. It does make me sad though because I would have really liked to get in touch with that aspect of my heritage. Anyway, I’m hoping to get some answers here. Obviously, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and almost all Americans will be celebrating, but is this a holiday celebrated by Native Americans? I would imagine it isn’t considering Americans just decided to take their land for themselves. It really is disgusting. I may not be in touch with my heritage, but it still pisses me off to think about. If getting a DNA test weren’t so expensive I think I would do it to see just how much Cherokee I am. I always think of that commercial when it turns out the guy isn’t even the ethnicity he was told his whole life. But, I do really want to know more about this. If I could I would spend so much time learning about their cultures. If anyone who reads this knows how I can get involved let me know. Someone start a discussion in the comments! I need answers! Help me learn

*If anyone is offended by this post in anyway, that was not my intention.*


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