Give Thanks


Throughout the year we (as a society) tend to take a lot of things for granted that we don’t realize we are privileged to have. We may bitch and moan about how we struggle in life (which everyone does) but it’s the little things that really count and we don’t even notice them. Could you imagine if everyone did one single act of kindness everyday? No matter how crappy your day could be going or how much stress your under, that one act will make you feel ten times better and I’m sure the person you’re helping will appreciate it just as much.

This year I’ve donated books and hopefully (once I clean out my closet) will donate a bunch of old clothes to people who need them. So please, go through your old clothes, books, canned foods, and even toys and give them to people who will truly appreciate them. There are hundreds of places it could go to help others and it will make a world of a difference.

This year, I’m thankful things aren’t as bad as they could be.


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