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From youtuber to author


This has always been such a sour topic for me to discuss. Watching almost every youtuber become an author is like slow torture. Obviously, everyone can write a book, hell, I wrote a book and I’m not exactly the most equip. But when you there are people who have large fanbases from youtube or being on TV or whatever and then they decide to write a book it drives me crazy. I think even Derek Jeter has a book not to mention Kim Kardashian’s selfie book.  It’s like watching every single Disney star become a singer and a songwriter and a dancer.

There are hundreds of people who have studied specifically to become a writer who struggle every day to get people interested in their work and then these people decide to come out of the wood work. Again, I’m not saying they can’t write or have books written about them, but when you’re someone literally starting from the bottom to get to the top it’s really frustrating to watch.

The only youtuber’s book I’ve read is Shane Dawson’s I Hate Myselfie. Honestly, his book is the only youtube book I cared about enough to read. I really enjoyed the fact that you could tell he wrote the book. It was his humor throughout and during certain parts I could almost hear his voice in my head. Shane is probably the most down to earth youtuber, he’s relatable which was kind of the whole point of becoming a youtuber. I rated I Hate Myselfie four out of five stars for anyone interested in reading it. I finished it in a few days because each chapter was it’s own story which made it easy to stay interested in.


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