Rant · Review

Where is Hope?

No, this is not a sappy poem or heart felt story. I literally want to know where Hope is on The Originals. Forgive me, those of you who could care less, just pass this post.

The new episode hasn’t even aired yet and I have a felling we’ll see no Hope. I’ve been waiting two freakin’ season for some Hope/Klaus scenes or some Mikaelson family moments, but we have only had maybe a handful. Now, I get they can’t really work too long with the babies, but seriously I need something. The whole point of the show was to watch Klaus’s redemption progress with/ through his child. I’m sure the scenes they have filmed will be super adorable, but right now this show is killing me. I’m sitting on my couch watching it, wondering why I’m watching it. This is not a good sign. The fact that it’s also moving to Friday nights terrifies me because that’s the worst night for shows. It makes perfect sense that the Vampire Diaries is moving, but it really sucks that The Originals is going with it.

If ratings are really bad and they don’t think they will get that many more season, I really hope the writers don’t milk it like the did TVD. Maybe they could do a really big time jump so we can see Hope older or something and then they’d have more plot line. This season is slowly killing me. Please, someone tell me it will get better!


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