Friday Reviews


This week I decided to just combine my Supernatural and The Originals  TV show reviews. First I will start with Supernatural since it comes one earlier in the week.

I have to say that every since season 5 ended, Supernatural hasn’t been as ‘Supernatural’ to me. It lost a lot of its meaning after that because the plot lines weren’t as entertaining and the show seemed to go in a direction that wasn’t too brother centric. It was the love between the brothers that kept me up until the wee hours of the morning binge watching the seasons to catch up.

‘Just My Imagination’ which was directed by Richard Speight Jr. was absolutely incredible. It was all about the brothers and it felt like one of the good old Supernatural episodes. Its been a while since and episode has made me cry and this one almost had me on the brink of tears. Good job getting back to your roots Supernatural! I hope you keep it up. (Side note I was really hoping the cage stuff had something to do with Adam, but Lucifer is just as good).


On to The Originals! Ugh…I’m so angry! I loved this show so much. Season one and two were flawless and had so much good story line. Even this season when the writers were explaining what it was going to be about (the whole sire line drama) I was excited. I feel like they forgot that many people watched the show because of the Mikaelson family. There really hasn’t been much going on between them. It’s a very dry season which makes me so mad because I really want this show to do well!

This episode makes me feel like the writers were trying to convince me that Klaus and Cami love one another. I really don’t see it. Yes, they have an affection towards each other, but to me it’s more of a bromance. I love them as friends because they bounce off of each other so well. I still think Marcel is going to be the one to rise in power from the vision the Seer had. He holds the most cards right now and could be considered friend, foe, and family to so many of the Mikaelsons. And I will make a prediction that Hayley may fall as one of the Mikaelsons. Everyone this season keeps saying she’s one of them and she is part of their family (besides Jackson of course) so I have a feeling something bad will happen to her. I enjoy seeing her relationship with Jackson crumble though. I mean he’s kind of a baby for storming off to the Bayou for days after one fight. I can’t imagine what he’d do for a fight more serious. (Also, it still pisses me off that he never tried to contact Hayley once he found out she lost her baby). That being said, if I don’t get a Hope/Klaus scene in the Christmas episode I will die. I will literally die. There have been ZERO good moments between them. Like, what the hell writers, this is the shit I’ve been craving!



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