Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream


Every once in a while I have this reoccurring dream that involves a giant tidal wave. Sometimes I’m standing on a beach with my sisters as this tidal wave hovers high in the air. Most of the time the wave never actually crashes before I wake up, but sometimes it does.

Last night I had this dream again except I was in an office building and the tidal wave hovered outside the building. I think I was supposed to be in New York because at one point I saw the Statue of Liberty and tried to get a picture. I know many people have dreams where their teeth fall out and I’ve had that one too, but this one seems to be more frequent. I feel like someones trying to give me a sign but I still have no clue what it means. I mean I kind of do, but I don’t at the same time.

The scariest part about dreaming of waves is that I hate the ocean. It’s really pretty to look at but I don’t like getting close to it at all. So when I’m floating in the water with a giant tidal wave hovering above me it is horrifying.

Anyway, I have two dream books and this is what they say about tidal waves:

  1. This frightening image can suggest that your personal problems have raged out of control and that your place in the world is uncertain and shifting.
  2. To dream of waves, is a sign that you hold some vital step in contemplation, which will evolve much knowledge if the waves are clear.

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