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Storm Trilogy Sunday


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I think every Sunday I’ll make a post about my series. I’ll call it Storm Trilogy Sunday. So, readers, if you have any questions about anything regarding it I will gladly answer them. For now, I want to talk about the plot line for those who aren’t familiar with it. The first book is called Tormented Soul.

The basic synopsis is: A young girl named Kaden decides to go out one night with her best friend Megan. By the end of the night Megan is mysteriously taken, leaving Kaden behind to rescue her. Kaden meets a guy named Finley who she believes knows something about Megan’s disappearance so Kaden is forced to work with him. Finley introduces a dark world of fae to Kaden that is hidden within the streets of Seattle. As Kaden gets further and further into this new world, she realizes she must find Megan before it is too late.

Based on this synopsis it sounds vaguely similar to about every other teen read in Barnes and Noble, but let me tell you it isn’t. A huge part of the reason I wrote this trilogy is because I wanted a teen book that didn’t revolve around a teen romance. At first, when I started writing it, it was meant to be a stand alone book where Kaden and Finley got together at the end. After thinking about the plot and building the story further, I realized how horrible that would have been. This is a story about the transition of a girl. She’s going from her difficult youth to becoming her own individual. One of the messages I want people to be able to take from this book is that you do not need another person to do that. Most teen books have the plot of; girl meets boy, love at first sight, she becomes awesome and gets the guy in the end. This send a bad massage to young girls/ readers. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve seen plenty of friends go in and out of relationships all the time. I think it’s important for people to be themselves before they start dating. Of course this is just my opinion and its not going to work for everyone, but that makes the most sense to me. When you become your best self and are filled with that confidence you’re going to make the best choices. Many times people fall into this vulnerable place in a relationship and then can’t figure out how to get out. This some how became a tangent and I am so sorry. My point being I wanted the story to be different. I’m not saying there won’t ever be some romantic aspects to the story, but it’s not something my characters will jump on right away. They won’t fall madly in love at first sight, they won’t even find the person they are meant to be with right away.

So, for anyone who has read my book or is interested, this was my main goal as a teen writer. For more information on the Storm Trilogy check it out here:


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