A pre-review of episode 3×09

What I’m looking forward to this coming Christmas episode. Number one, it was written by Carina MacKenzie. Number two, it was written by Carina MacKenzie. And number three, it was written by Carina MacKenzie. So far this season there has only been one episode that stands out in my mind and that’s the episode where Hayley finally confronts Klaus. I’m really hoping here that this episode is just as good. I need more Hope/Klaus scenes! If I don’t get one to rewatch over the long winter break I will be so angry. What would be the point in the show if Hope wasn’t there?

I also have a feeling Jackson might die soon. Knowing the writers, they’ll probably have Hayley and Jackson make up only to throw the viewer by killing him at the end of the episode. They need a serious cliff hanger for the mid-season finale and so far there really haven’t been any big plot twists. They might turn Cami into a vampire which I’m not against, but I also don’t really care about.

The last thing that’s really pissing me if is the lack of Rebekah. I was really sad when Claire Holt left in season one, but it made sense to the story. In the beginning of season two it made sense she was gone and her little scenes every once in a while were good. Then they changed her body so they could have Rebekah without Claire Holt. I understand why they did it and it didn’t bother me so much but then the second actress decided she didn’t want to do it either. Aren’t these people contracted? If they put her into another body I’m going to be even more pissed. I’d rather they kill her instead of this whip lash they keep giving me. Also, if Claire doesn’t want to be on the show why not bring Kol back? The original Kol? He wants to do it and fans love him so why not just give us him if they can’t keep Claire. At least he would make the show more interesting. The plot lines they’ve been giving Rebekah are shit because they don’t have anyone to play her.

This ended up turning into a rant and I apologize. I just hope Carina knocks it out of the park with this episode. I know the show got moved to Fridays so I think they need a real game changer soon or they might get the boot. But then I get reminded if Jackson dies, they’ll do Hayley/Elijah and Klaus/ Cami and I’m not okay with that. Why can’t we all just not want to kill one another and be friends? Why does everyone have to date? Sorry, I’m rambling I just have a lot of opinions.


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