Savior Review


This post contains spoilers for the mid-season finale of The Originals


I’m not too sure how I feel about this episode. I liked it a lot more than their past episodes for sure. There were a lot of good scenes with the characters interacting as family rather than people who just work together. Rebekah and Klaus this episode!! I love it and I want more. The little Elijah and Freya scenes were so adorable I just wanted to squish myself into a pillow! I kind of feel like they may start some kind of relationship between Jackson and Freya, either that or I’m just reading too much into things. I actually enjoyed the Cami/Klaus scenes this episode, they weren’t awful like usually think so props to the writers. The ending was just perfect! Klaus next to a dead/vampire Cami, but how the hell did he not realize she was choking to death on her own blood?!

Rebekah this episode was life! Her character is just the best, but I don’t get what Elijah did at the end, he just daggered her right? I think I read somewhere that she died, but I don’t think that’s right. I’m really glad Finn has now returned, it will be interesting that’s for sure but WTF, what about Kol?

The only bad thing I had to say about this episode, which I’m sure makes me sound like a broken record is the lack of Hope. She was in two scenes and barely interacted with anyone. I mean Elijah gave her a kiss on the cheek and they couldn’t give a half a second like that to Klaus. This new year better bring me some more Klaus/Hope scenes.

So, over all it was good. I really don’t think Cami’s dead, I think she’s just a vampire which is better than nothing. Hopefully they will give us more family scenes soon, I’d really like to see Hayley and Klaus interact more.


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