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Never ending


Last night I was on the phone with my friend for nearly two hours. We talked about different things from bunnies to mad eating dogs. The one topic we talked about was the wonderful world of college. I’ve only attended one semester of college before I decided it wasn’t for me, but she’s been in college for the past four years and has to go to graduate school. She told me something that I found absolutely insane. Apparently, and I don’t know if this applies to all colleges, she has to pay another fee to actually graduate. So, on top of her tuition, her dorming, her expensive ass books, she has to also pay to get her diploma. In my eyes college (along with other schools) has become an industry, much more than usual. School in general used to be about the kids and acting getting them interested in learning. Now it’s all about money and testing and stupid shit that no one cares about. My sisters high school forced every student to either buy a new mac laptop or rent one for the year. It’s just becoming ridiculous. even in my old elementary school it looks like a prison or a mental ward. The walls are completely white with only a few boards for kids paintings. When did the world decide to suck the fun out of school? All they care about now is results and pushing everyone into the next grade so the school looks good. It drives me crazy.

In college it’s not much different. They force you to take required classes you don’t want to take. How could you expect someone to pay a lot of money for a class they don’t want to take? It makes no fucking sense. I know a lot of people from my college had to take a history and a science and some other stuff. I suck at both of those, why the hell would I struggle to pass that class when it has nothing to do with what I want?

To all the college students suffering through finals, keep your chin up! Remember it’s just one week of your life. Just one week. Breathe in, breathe out and repeat. Kick school in the ass, lord knows they need it.


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