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Tormented Soul Tuesday


What’s this? Yet another post about Tormented Soul in just a few days?Yes, it’s true.

I wanted to talk about the first moment I began writing Tormented Soul. A lot of times people want to know where the idea came from and, honestly, I couldn’t tell you. Once I started with my first scene the whole thing seemed to snowball in my mind over night.

It all started one weekday when I was stuck in nowhere land. (Note: Nowhere land is my lost place.) I was sitting on my couch next to my younger sister who was doing her homework. We both had out our laptop and while she was actually working I was staring at a blank word document.

Let me rewind for a second. I’m sure 90% of you will think I’m crazy, but if you want to truth here it is. About two week before I started writing I had gone to a psychic. There are people out there who would laugh at the fact I actually took this person seriously, but let me tell you, she knew shit she could not have known. The second I realized she knew things NO ONE could have known, I knew she was legit. So, she asked me about my creative side and naturally I thought she meant my photography because that was the only creative side I had that people complimented. Then she corrected me by saying ‘no, your writing.’ I was really thrown off by that because I hadn’t written in a very long time.

Back to the pasts future, I’m sitting and staring at my laptop. I get an imagine in my head of a disheveled girl sitting by herself in an empty diner late at night. She’s soaking in rain as it continues to drizzle outside. From there I started building. I asked myself question after question. I knew I was always going to write some kind of fantasy because they’re the most entertaining to me. So then I started asking myself about what type of fantasy world would it be set in. As I’ve mentioned before The Art of Amy Brown really inspired me ever since I was a kid and I always knew I would write a book about faeries. So I started to form my idea and research the shit out of everything. What was meant to be one book turned into three and I have not looked back since.


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