There’s no more room!

photo (9)

Okay, so I have one shelf dedicated to all the books I use for my writing. From dream books to mythology to fairy books. The problem is I have no more room for my books.

You see, I have an addiction. I’m not one to buy a young adult book at a store, just because I’d rather get it from the library. The problem is the mythology/astrology/spiritual section in the bookstores. I want them all. They have so many good selections that I never know which ones to choose from. I just bought another one last night (picture above). This one really called to me though, I swear. It had both Cherokee and Voodoo in the same title. I really did not have a choice in the matter. It’s a serious problem, this stuff eats my wallet. I visited this store in New Orleans called Hex and let me tell you, it nearly cleared me out. They had books, herbs, oils, talismans, jewelry, they had the works. The store has two locations so if you ever visit New Orleans or Salem go find it.

This stuff is like my crack, that and coffee.



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