The moon


Since today is Folklore Thursday and I just bought a new book, I’m going to type a passage from it. This story is under the Indigenous Australia & Pacific Island Mythology.

“In many mythologies, the moon is a powerful deity; however, in one of the most popular Dreamtime myths he is portrayed as a lonely man seeking love from mortals. Different people have different versions of the story, but usually the tale explains why the faces of the moon change over time. In these stories, the moon is something of a clown, always making mortals laugh but never managing to woo any mortal females.”

In the story from the book, it continues on about how the moon saw two girls paddling across the river, he asks them for a lift in their canoe. The girls decide to give him a ride and halfway across the river the moon decides to tickle them. The wiggling of the boat causes it to flip over and all three of them fall into the water. The moon begins to sink down into the river while the girls are able to climb back onto the boat. When they look down at the moon sinking they can see his face fading further and further into the water which is why the moons face is said to change in the night sky.

“He peeps around the corner of the horizon, ashamed of his lust for girls. Then he gradually emerges until his full face is visible, which is when he tries once again to woo mortal woman.”


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