The unknown gift dilemma


Every year around Christmas time we find that there is that one (or two or three) person(s) who we aren’t sure if we’re on gift giving level. So we buy extra neutral gifts that say ‘Hey! I thought of you, but I also wasn’t sure what to get you.’ If you receive a scarf, box of chocolates, or any sort of lotion basket, you are that person. Over the past years I’ve noticed the scarf is hands down the most given present to someone you don’t know that well (maybe not for men, but for woman it is). One year I got three new scarves from different people. Two of them have not been touched and are hanging in my closet still. It’s weird because boxes of chocolates are ten times better to give someone. I will eat every single piece probably in one sitting. As far as lotion baskets go, for a while I had at least ten in my closet just sitting there. The worst thing is when the bottles are decorated with holiday things so you can’t re-gift it until the next year. But then by the time it’s the next year you probably forgot who gave it to you in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle of the unknown gift dilemma.


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