Brief History of Christmas

wheel of the year

Many people believe Christmas to be the Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Christ. What many people don’t know is that Christmas is actually a Pagan holiday. Way back in the day when people were trying to convert everyone to Christianity, they decided to use Pagan holidays to appease those who were Pagan. This allowed the Pagans to celebrate their holidays while under the false illusion that they were Christian.

December 21 is known as Yule, the celebration of the winter solstice and the return of the Sun God. Because the winters were so harsh in Scandinavia, the return of the sun was widely celebrated with feasts. This is also why the Norse believed Hell to be cold rather than hot. They feared the winter months while in the Middle East they feared the summer.

December 24 is known as Holly Eve or the celebration of the Holly King.

December 25 is Oak Day which celebrates the return of the Oak King.

As the seasons change the Holly King and the Oak King battle for who will rule that season. The Oak King rules over Midsummer while the Holly King takes over during Yule. This legend may vary according to what you believe, but most stories tell of their constant battles for the season.


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