Food for thought


“When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide you didn’t.”– Louis C.K.

First seeing this quote on Tumblr, I thought there was no way Louie C.K. could have said that. After all he was a comedian and that quote wasn’t funny at all, it’s the opposite. This quote is so mind blowing and I’m so glad he was able to put it into words so perfectly.

It’s always around the holidays that things with family can get difficult. You see other families enjoying the holiday (granted every family has their own drama) but for some it’s a lot more difficult than others.

Just the other day someone asked me how I could have written a book when I’m so young and haven’t yet experienced life yet. Part of me wanted to say that just because I’m only 22 years old doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced the worst of life’s shit. Most of my life has been me day dreaming which is exactly why writing a fantasy book came natural to me. I’ve lived in a fantasy dream world my whole life because that was the only place I could find happiness. Most of the time it still is. Sometimes you can’t help what you feel and no one should dismiss your feelings because they aren’t the ones feeling them. Open your mind before you judge.


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