New Years


I have beef with New Years. I don’t know what it is about it, I just don’t care enough to consider it a holiday. The biggest thing that really annoys me about this holiday are the people who go to parties and drink, then proceed to drive home. Literally, it is the night of drunk drivers. The fact that people who don’t drink have to fear driving that night is insane. Even if someone who doesn’t drink or who choose not to drink that night has to be careful because people are stupid. So if you are going out this year for New Years, please be careful and be responsible.

I’m such a Debby Downer. I’d rather be in sweatpants on my couch watching a marathon then go out to a party. The New Year is a fresh start, but it also isn’t. First you have to get rid of all the bad shit you’re trying to forget. It’s the time of year for moving on which is a lot more difficult than people think. Maybe that’s why people drink so much on New Years.



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