Throwback Thursday!


I thought today would be a good day to do a throwback Thursday since A. it’s New Years and what better way to think about the past year then now and B. It’s a Thursday! So it all works out.

The only problem about this whole thing is the tiny detail that this throwback did not take place this year, but who cares about the details.

About a year ago in August, my sister decide to sign herself along with her boyfriend and I up for a volunteer program. It was to work the Partners in Health booth at an Arcade Fire show. Of course there was a long list of people who had tried to volunteer and we got put on the waiting list. As luck may have it, people had signed up too far in advance and weren’t able to make the show due to prior obligations. So, the three of us got to go. The volunteers for this booth had to explain to people that Haiti is perfectly capable of helping themselves, they just need the resources to do it (something along those lines). People would come by and take a picture at their photo booth and we had to get people to donate if they could and blah blah blah. The cool part about it was, when you volunteer you get to see the show for free. So anyone who thinks you can’t do things unless you have money, here you go. Everything was free besides parking and if you lived in the city they played you didn’t have to worry about that.

Anyway, this has to be the strangest/ most awesome thing that has ever happened. Arcade Fire decided they wanted people to conga to the stage and then come up and dance. So all the volunteers got to go backstage, raid their costumes, and then conga to the stage and dance in front of thousands of people. Luckily we were all wearing masks so it wasn’t scary at all. I hate being on stages let a lone dancing in front of people, but I surprised myself. My first thought was, ‘Holy crap, Regine has nice legs.’ (I was standing behind her, don’t judge me.) followed by ‘Dear God, I hope I’m dancing well to the song.’ It never really crossed my mind that there were thousands of people watching. It was a strange feeling, but an incredible story. Again, this is a good lesson that you are capable of having adventures if you’re willing to take chances. So in the next year, push yours self to do something. Take baby steps if you have to. You can’t expect your life to change if you don’t push your limits. Be bold. Be free. Have fun.


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