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What they don’t teach in school


For what ever reason I never understood, no one talks about the time in your life when you have no fucking idea what your doing. I think most of the time people don’t know what they’re doing, they just kind of go with the flow, but I’m talking about the time between graduating high school and beyond. I feel like it ranges from the ages 18-25. And I could be completely wrong about this, this is just from what I’ve seen around me.

Everyone took health class in school, but none of those health classes ever talked about a time in your life when you’d be lost and feel like you have no idea what the difference between up and down is. You get overwhelmed from school and home and work, but no one ever really explains how to handle this. This is the time in life when you have to find the balance between all of it. It’s like when a bird pushes it’s baby out of the nest to teach it to fly except people hit the ground ten times before they finally figure out they have to fly. Does that make sense?

The only place I found talked about real issues was in a club I joined in high school. It was called Women’s Issues and despite the title we actually talked about a lot of topics. I think every school needs to have a mandatory class like this that’s not graded. It was very relaxed unlike health class which was just another grade. The one activity in this club that we did was having a piece of paper with our name on it and passing it around the room for other people to write traits on. I remember specifically people wrote ‘smart’ on mine and when the teacher asked to read one of the things on the paper you found odd, I read that one. Her response was that unfortunately school only cares about one type of ‘smart’ and they don’t care about the other stuff.

Right now I have a laundry list of friends who have no clue what they’re doing. They’re stressed out of their minds and struggle to see their future. I can tell you I am one of those people. Everyone goes through this is life but I still can’t figure out why people don’t talk about it more. If it was an open discuss I think people would feel more at ease and less awful about themselves. (Also, I have not used the pythagorean theorem once yet and I would have much rather learned about this.)


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