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Storm Trilogy Sunday


The importance of Seattle

One of the first questions people ask me when they read the summary for Tormented Soul is, ‘Did you live in Seattle?’. Or something to that effect. The answer is, no, I haven’t. I haven’t even visited Seattle. The closest thing to visiting Seattle that I’ve done is taking virtual tours through Google. That begs the question, why Seattle and not New York since you live so close. It’s a simple answer, my friend. Although New York is a massive city and is the center of a lot of other books, Seattle provides the gloom that is needed for my story. It’s a naturally cloudy and rainy place which is why I chose it.

There’s also something about Seattle that makes it really unique for a story. It has a lot a variety when it comes to setting. There are ports, downtown, business sections, suburb areas, and a close proximity to large forests and beaches. I guess New York has most of those things too, but for some reason Seattle is better.

Did you know? The city on the back of Tormented Soul is actually a picture of New York, the reason being it is illegal to use the Seattle space needle.

For those of you who have both Tormented Soul and Fallen Warrior, you know that each back cover has a place of significance to each book. Tormented Soul has the cities skyline because the first book mostly takes place in the streets of Seattle. Fallen Warrior has the silhouette of a forest with a full moon looming overhead. Small spoiler will proceed, read with caution. The forest is much like the city, representing an important location in the books plot while the moon represents a new character joining the fold.

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