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Ksenia Anske


Who the hell is Ksenia Anske? Well, my friend let me tell you. Ksenia is the best person on the planet. She’s hilarious and encouraging, she’s open about everything and she’ll take you through a journey with one of her books. Why would I write about her? Let me explain.

Way back in 2014 when I first started writing one of the first platforms I got was Twitter. It took me a while to figure it out, but eventually I did. I started tweeting and following people like a mad woman. One of the first writers that came across my twitter feed was Ksenia. Her tweets were crazy and I loved them to pieces. Naturally, I started following her and not a few hours later she followed me. ‘Holy shit balls!? Ksenia Anske followed me!’ was what ran through my mind for then next 24 hours. It wasn’t until I looked at her twitter profile that I went to her blog. For any writers out there, I highly recommend reading her blog posts. They are encouraging for beginners and really help you understand what it means to self-publish. For anyone else, I still recommend you read her blogs posts or even her work. She has all her books free on her website which I will link below.

The reason I’m writing this post is because whenever I can’t figure out what I’m going to blog about, I wave the magic mouse over another tab and search Ksenia’s blog. I read and read and read, until I finally have an idea about what I want to write. I did that exact thing today. I had a much darker post planned for today, however, I decided not to post it. I might in a few days or so, but for now I give you my writing guru Ksenia Anske. (note: I do not own the image above)


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