Storm Trilogy

Storm Trilogy Sunday

It’s that time of the week again where I talk about anything and everything Storm Trilogy related! For today’s meet the character we will be introduced to Finley, the beloved salty sweet faerie.

Melancholic guy on dark background.

Finley Treasach was the former baronet to the Seelie Court of Seattle until he left, displeased with the change of ruling. He’s lived among humans for the better part of twenty years, never truly being happy that he no longer was among his own kind. Doyle, or the King of the UnHoly, seeing Finley’s potential to be a great ally, attempts numerous times to suede Finley to the Dark fae’s side. It isn’t until Finley meets Kaden that he finally chooses to take a stand against Doyle.

Check out Tormented Soul here.


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