The Shannara Chronicles


Greetings from beyond! I apologize for the lack of posts, but I’ve been crazy busy working on the final installment of the Storm Trilogy. I promise I will be posting some good stuff soon enough.

Today I’m posting about the Shannara Chronicles, now, I have not read the books so don’t kill me. I saw the trailer a week or so before it came out on MTV and it had promise. The trailer looked a lot better than Shadow Hunters and I really wish Shadow Hunters would have been on the CW or any other network than ABC Family. Anyway, back to the Chronicles, I don’t hate it. I know the first two episodes got really bad reviews and I won’t lie they really sucked. The problem was there was so much world building that had to be done in order for the plot to capture the viewer. I wasn’t planning on giving it another try until I saw the MTV posted the first four episodes. I figured they had to be desperate if they did that.

The other night I watched episode three and four, and it did get better. Of course there is cheesy teen drama, but it’s MTV what do you expect. I really like the rover girl. I have no clue how to spell her name so I’m not even going to try, but I like her character a lot. Will is funny and kind of an idiot, but Bandon! Let me tell you, Bandon is a freshly fallen snowflake. He is so adorable! I would watch this show alone for his character.

This show is basically MTV’s version of the Lord of the Rings. Seriously, there are three people traveling to this one sacred place and one of them is a prisoner. (It’s just like Two Towers with Bilbo, Sam, and Gollum but not at all) I’m going to try and stick with the show for a bit and see what happens, but I have no clue how long I can last. Hopefully the story will get better once all the world building details are explained.

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