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Stupid drivers


My plan for today was simple, write in the morning, pick up my sister from school, write some more, than blog post about Shadowhunters. It was all going well until one freaking idiot decided to piss me off in between all this stuff. Let’s get into story time:

It’s a very short story, but one that drove me insanely crazy. On my way home from picking my sister up, an old green beat truck was behind me. Up my ass to be more specific, I was going 30 in a school zone so it was really annoying. This driver who was from the high school i had just gotten my sister from decided to slow down only to swerve like an asshole on the road. I saw in my rear view mirror the person in the passenger seat laughing like it was all fun and games. Now, I was never like this in my life and I’m still not. I do not see that as being funny at all. Doing stuff like that never ran through my head as a good idea and I guess I understand that teenagers don’t always think things through, but really? We were in a curved school zone where kids stupid cross the street all the time and you think its a good idea to swerve recklessly not only putting other people in danger but also yourself?

If you know me, you know driving is something I don’t usually like to do. For what ever reason I just don’t like and of course I have theories as to why I don’t like it, but that will be a post for another time. It just really bothered me. For any new drivers please don’t do this. It’s not funny and it’s stupid. Maybe I’m just being an uptight asshole, I know I can be, but that was just mind blowing. If you’re going to do that, do it in a safe environment.

I still have yet to watch Shadowhunters but I will review it tomorrow. I’ve seen some gifs of it on tumblr and it looks pretty good compared to the movie so fingers crossed.


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