Okay. I watched it. And I’m not that happy about it.

Before you get angry I want to explain. I don’t read that often, but when I do I usually fall in love with the book. I read The Mortal Instruments and loved it! I was really looking forward to the movie too, I even stalked blogs that posted when they were filming it. Of course when I saw the movie I was severely disappointed. I didn’t have the heart to give it any lower than a C scoring wise but it was really awful.

That being said, I kind of had high hopes for the tv show until they announced it would be on AbcFamily or Freeform now. AbcFamily used to be really good when I was a kid, they had Smallville and Wild Fire, but then something happened and now all there shows are just too cheesy for me. Maybe it’s just because I’m older now.

Anyway, the three characters I didn’t care too much about in the books are the most interesting to me now in the show. I LOVE Simon’s casting. I was never in love with his character but it is dead on. The Magnus in the show is so much better then movie Magnus. I actually do enjoy how they show his powers, it looks really cool. And Lastly, Alec. He is gorgeous, but I really wish they hadn’t over done his hair. He looks too boy band.

It really bothers me because I really do love the books and I was so excited!!! My favorite story line was the whole Sebastian thing, but I would have to wait so long to see it happen. As much as I think MTV is cheesy as hell, I wish they would have gotten the rights to Shadowhunters. Or the CW, I like the CW a lot. Also, did anyone else think the pilot was a little too fast? I feel like if I didn’t already know the books it would have really confused me. I will watch next weeks episode to see if my opinion changes, and maybe it will. For now, I’ll stick with the Shannara Chronicles.

This is a little recommendation, I really enjoyed watching the cast of the Shadowhunters play One Night Ultimate werewolf. If you haven’t seen it, the actor who plays Magnus periscoped it a while ago.


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