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What happened?


How did we get to this point in society where we can’t even live anymore?

*Side note, this post turned into a rant very quickly. Proceed with caution*

Recently I saw a post on Facebook about how we just live to pay bills now. This is something I have believed in for a while especially now that I’m getting older. It’s a really heart breaking notion.

When I got out of high school I decided I wanted to write, so I did. It was something I fell madly in love with and something I could see myself doing for a while. I love learning about mythologies and coming up with various story ideas. Writing literally brought happiness back into my life. Now, two books later I’m realizing how awful this career is. And it sucks. I will not stop writing. Not when I have all these ideas, but it drives me insane that we live in a world where you can’t just do what you love. In the past year I’ve picked up a babysitting job or two which helps my income, but looking at the bigger picture, there’s no way I would be able to live off of these two things.

This brings me back to my point earlier about living to pay bills. I have two jobs, although, most people don’t consider writing a job especially when you’re self published, and it’s still not enough. Honestly, I can’t even remember where this post idea was headed because all these notions filled my little brain. It really blows my mind how society has twisted itself so far from where we originally began when we just traded shit for other shit. You HAVE to go to college which costs money. You HAVE to take certain classes even if you don’t want to which costs money. You HAVE to pay your car insurance which costs money. You HAVE to pay your health insurance which costs money. Grocery bills, electricity, water, bills bills bills bills bills. God forbid you get injured, the medical bills alone will put you in debt for a lifetime.

What the Holy hell happened? How is anyone expected to pay for all this and be able to actual live in the one life we have? I’ve been saving up my money like a made woman, I’ve been super cheap to keep seeing that stupid ass number in the bank rise. And I’m still not even close enough to where I could afford most of this stuff by myself.

I started thinking about it too, because I really wanted to plan another trip for myself, but am I being stupid for raising my money only to have half of it wiped away from a trip? What do you guys think, is it worth it to venture off into the world we live in or stay safe and focus on the future? How do you guys feel about societies control over our money? How crazy have I actually gone?


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