Devil in the Details Review


And just like that the show was sent into a down spiral.

Spoilers for Supernatural Season 11 proceed.

My brain wants to immediately jump to the spoiler at the end of the episode that will be the second half of the seasons arc, but I won’t. I will re-frame myself and discuss the good stuff about this episode.

I LOVED Mark  this episode. He’s just this perfect sassy guy but also creepy as hell when he wants to be. I really enjoyed the memories he went through with Sam in this episode. We did get to see a lot of brotherly moments which I wasn’t expecting which was really nice. I actually really love Amara. I like who she is and the power she has, knowing the show they’ll probably kill her before she even gets to contact God which is really fucking annoying. I want to talk about Billy for a second, I love her too. She’s the perfect character for this show. She reminds me of the bad-ass woman from the beginning of the show, not to say there aren’t bad-ass woman now. But almost like Ellen mixed with Sheriff Mills. She’s definitely going to help the boys out at some point, especially since she mentioned a void nothing can come back from. Amara or Lucifer will end up there for sure.

WHY!? Why would they kill Rowena! They always do this shit! I just want to yell at the top of a mountain. I’m hoping because she’s a witch maybe she’ll come back as a demon? Isn’t that kind of what happened to Ruby? I’m just trying to make it better.

This is where people are going to hate me. Let me start by saying I like Misha, he’s a good guy. I like Cas, I think Misha did some incredible work with Cas in Supernatural especially during season 5 and 6. That being said I feel like the only reason they made him become Lucifer’s vessel is to stay on the show. He hasn’t really had a good story line for a while so they gave his character this. I can’t tell which bothers me more, Misha’s acting as Lucifer or the fact that it kind of takes away from the brother’s story line.

I love Misha, I really do. For what ever reason he cannot play Lucifer. He played the leviathan fine and even God!Cas, but this is just awful. It was just way too over exaggerated and it kind of sames Lucifer. I’m not trying to be mean and I’ve tried and tried to phrase it in my head so it was as nice as possible, but I just can’t. Maybe it was the directing he got? Jared did a much better Lucifer job and I know it’s a difficult character to portray especially since Mark does an amazing job. I hope it get’s better.

Now, the reason I feel like this takes away from the brother story line. The whole point of Supernatural was to show Sam’s redemption and the brotherhood and the sacrifice. I feel like Cas taking this sacrifice to be the vessel just kind of makes what Sam did in season 5 and in season 8 meaningless. I can’t tell if that makes sense. I’m not too sure why Cas is doing it either. Is it because he feels like he’s expendable or because he wants to be a hero because either way that’s stupid for his character. When Sam did it, he did it to save the world and it was dramatic. With Cas I feel like I really don’t even care.

I thought this season was pretty good too. I was like ‘Yes! It’s like old school supernatural again.’ The this episode happened. Let’s see if they can win me over the rest of the season.


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