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*This Post contains massive Tormented Soul spoilers and analysis questions answered*

Some exciting news ladies and gents! A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from someone I had given Tormented Soul to. Her daughter had read the book and enjoyed it so much so that she wanted to do a project on the book. Let me tell you that this gave me life! It really thrilled me to know someone had enjoyed my book so much that they wanted to do a project on it.

I just got back from doing an interview with her and I really just want to kick myself in the ass. I answered all her questions, but looking back on my answers now I could have talked about them more. So I decided I’m going to delve into them a little more on here.

First question she asked me that pops into my mind: Why did I have Kaden and Quinn’s father leave them?

Answer: The simple answer is because that’s what happened to me. My father left a while ago and it hurt. I wrote that into the book for two reasons. One, there aren’t too many books that parents left their kids. Most of the time the parents passed away or something along those lines. Especially now that divorce and ‘dead beat’ dads is becoming a thing people talk about more and more, I thought it was something that would be good to talk about. Most of time the stuff I put into the book are things people don’t talk about too much, but I’ll get into that a little later. Two, it made sense for the story. Kaden’s mom struggles with mental issues and I needed Kaden to be isolated from her family if that makes sense. Even though she has Quinn, Kaden really doesn’t have anyone to rely on.

Next question: Why was Finley so eager to help Kaden?

Answer: During Tormented Soul both Finley and Kaden are at a similar point in their life. He was kicked out of the life he grew up in, the only life he knew. Even though he’s been out of the Seelie Court for years, to him it hasn’t been as long. Our twenty years is his two years. He struggles with being a part of the fae world but not being a part of his home base. He has nothing to do with the Courts anymore and his responsibility of being a baronet to help protect people. When he see’s Kaden, he see’s his chance to do what he did before again.

Onward: What is the history behind Theodore and Finley that Theodore hated him?

Answer: First of all, great question, because this is something I really had never given any thought. When I imagined the relationship between Finley and Theodore I had this bizarre image in my head that there was this fae poker game. Basically, a bunch of different Light fae coming together to play poker around a table smoking and drinking. Finley would be the type of person to cheat to win, pissing Theodore off. It’s not about the money, it’s about the fact that he always won and played dirty.

Next: Why was Gladys so interesting in harming Kaden?

Answer: Gladys is very much the opposite of Finley. She has been stuck in the Seelie Court her whole life with no one paying attention to her. Imagine living in this huge castle-like building and being the only child for miles. That’s her life. When she notices Keeley is bringing this strange person into her home, her first thought is to test this person. What can she get away with? How far can she push this person? It’s really her only form of entertainment.

Question: Where did the inspiration of the fae world come from?

Answer: First of all, anything I read or watch on TV has some kind of fantasy element. For what ever reason it’s something I love. What inspired my fae world was the Art of Amy Brown. I used some of her illustrations to base my characters off of, they had this look that was so posed and so elegant I was drawn to them instantly. After I figured out I wanted faeries, I began to research a lot. I found out about the Seelie Court and the UnSeelie Court and it all just fell into place from there.

Question: Why do you use a pen name?

Answer: I use a pen name for two reasons, one being that my real last name is very long and very annoying to write out. Rhea, is simple and elegant and ten times easier to write. It’s also my middle name. The second reason is because I don’t like the association my real last name gives me.

Next: Megan kills herself at the end of the book, is she the ‘tormented soul’?

Answer: Yes! She is. For a while people thought the ‘tormented soul’ was Kaden and it certainly could be argued, but it’s really about Megan. The sequel is called Fallen Warrior and it’s referring to Finley. The final book will be referring to someone else and when you look at all three titles, they could very well be Kaden. The overall title ‘The Storm Trilogy’ is Kaden for sure, it’s her name. The stories about Kaden trying to find herself and who she is and you’ll see by the end of the series how that happens.

Last question I can remember:  Why didn’t Kaden go after Finley when the Dark fae took him?

Answer: Let me say this before I answer, I may have not understood this question when she asked it because my brain has forgotten a lot of scenes from the first book. I believe, now that I’m home of course, she was asking about at the end of the book when the Dark fae captured him. He went back for Kaden because he had grown to like her as a friend, and Finley does not leave friends or anyone to die. He’s a warrior, he was trained to protect people and save them. His instinct after saving all those girls was to go back, there was never a question he wouldn’t have. Kaden didn’t try to save him because she couldn’t. She’s a simple human with Doyle, along with two other Dark fae standing in her way. She was afraid that making a wrong move Finley would have died. Then, of course Doyle takes her memory so she doesn’t even recall any of that happening.

Final thought: What can we expect from the sequel?

Answer: Kaden finds herself in the same place she was before only worse. She’s still lost, but living the humdrum life she dreaded living. She has a job, she’s going to college, all the while missing her best friend and every single memory of what happened. She’s a bit messed up. What’s fun about the second book is that there’s a lot of Finley. It flip flops between the two and you get to see Finley past with his family. If you love Finley you will love the second book!

I just typed all this out and was so excited to post it when I got a phone call that the audio on the interview isn’t working. I’m going back again this week which I’m actually happy about so I can answer the questions more thoroughly. I hope you enjoyed reading this my lovelies! Question props go to the lovely interviewer. See you next weekend…


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