The 100 3×01 review


This is one of those shows when I saw the trailer for the first season I thought it looked really stupid. My friend forced me to watch the first episode with her and of course I thought it was stupid. It wasn’t until the end of season one that my friend forced me to watch it again. It was Thanksgiving break and I had nothing to binge watch so I watched all of it. I think the changing factor for me was when they introduced the grounders more.

Flash forward to now and I love the show! I really enjoyed the first episode this season, but I did get confused about certain things that I had to ask my friend about. I do find it interesting how both Clarke and Bellamy decided to kill the mountain people, yet Clarke is the one who was destroyed by it. I don’t really understand why Jasper doesn’t blame Bellamy as much as he does Clarke. That brings me to Jasper. I hate him. I get that he’s upset that he lost his girlfriend and everything, but he’s just completley out of control. I really don’t get why they would put him on the team that goes out to search for the beakers. He needs to be locked up for a while.

I adore Octavia, and Lincoln. They are so cute cuddling under the stars. I feel really bad for her. I know there are people who think she’s being a brat, but she was locked up her whole life. She finally got out and found herself in the grounders community only to be thrown out again. I feel you Octavia.

I can’t wait to see Lexa again and I really want to see who the Ice Nations Queen is. I’m sure she’ll be bad ass, so I’m excited. Overall this episode was great and I really can’t wait to see what else they have in store!


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