Supernatural -Into the Mystic


I actually don’t have much to say about this episode. It was very monster of the week, the brothers were working together and it was a different monster which I liked. Sometimes I feel like when they do monster of the week, especially now that they’ve had eleven seasons, they use the same monsters we know. There are so many other creatures out there I wish the writers would explore it a little more.

I really liked the other hunter girl, I forgot her name, but she was interesting. Part of me wished they had brought her back to the bunker to show her what her parents did or who they were. I also liked that she kind of became Sam’s friend, but again, I wish they would build on those relationships more.

The whole Cas in the bunker stuff, was a little odd. I know people can’t find it unless they’ve been there, but how the hell did Cas/Lucifer get in. Isn’t there warding on the outside? The bunker gets me sometimes because at the end of season nine when Sam is summoning Crowley, he just appears with Dean. So is there warding, but it only works if you haven’t been in the bunker? I don’t get it. Misha’s acting was by far better than the last episode, but it’s still weird to me. I think he’s trying to be too much like Mark, he should just be his own Lucifer like Jared was.

Overall, it was so much better than last weeks. I’m really looking forward to the next Jodie episode, I really wish they would just give her, Donna, Claire, and Alex there own Wayward Daughters show. It would be epic if Claire became this angel hunter. She could be the expert on that and then Alex could be the monster expert. It could work!


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