Storm Trilogy

Good news for readers!


final cover

I’m taking a big jump this month, hopefully in a good way. A few months ago I attended Hallowread, a book festival in Elicott City Maryland. During it, I got the privilege to meet some incredible authors and speak on a panel. It was by far the best book festival I attended last year! The one thing I took from that event was something one of the authors said during a panel, it was something like ‘Your first book is a sacrifice’.

When an author first hears this, it’s kind of difficult to swallow. Yes, indie authors should know there are a LOT of giveaways that need to be done for people to read your work. You can’t just come out of the woodwork expecting people to buy your book. Then I looked at Ksenia Anske’s blog where she has all of her books for free on her wattpad. So I decided to experiment this month. From Feb 5th to Feb. 12th I will have Tormented Soul posted in all it’s entirety for free on my wattpad account which you can find here. If you are reading this between Feb. 5th and Feb. 7th you can go to the kindle store and get it’s sequel Fallen Warrior for free. So for the next few days both my books will be completely free!


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