Storm Trilogy

Storm Trilogy: Fallen Warrior

*This post contains spoilers for anyone who has not read either Tormented Soul or Fallen Warrior. If you have not read Tormented Soul, it is still free to read on my wattpad.*

Fallen Warrior final front cover

Hello lovelies! Since it is Valentine’s Day I decided to post a somewhat romantic flashback scene that was cut from Fallen Warrior. This scene gives you a peek into what Finley and Linette’s relationship pre-breakup was like. Also, it shows the relationship between Linette and Keeley. I am going to warn you this is from the very first draft of Fallen Warrior, so it is completely raw. I did no editing of any kind with very little detail put into it. Part of me knew when I wrote it that it wouldn’t make the cut because there was very little significance to it to just through in a chapter. That being said, there are some aspects of it that will appear in Lost Daughter such as the room the scene takes place in, however, I changed the details to it in the final book. I would say the main interaction is canon though.

Finley/Linette flashback (cut scene):

Linette sat on a stone bench next to a small pond in a pink dress that was cut at the knee. It had a white bow around it’s waist that match the white bow she had wrapped in her hair. It was uncommon for any faerie to wear a dress that wasn’t full gown length, but it was especially frowned upon among the royals. She waited in an octagonal room which they referred to as the reflection chamber. It was a room made of all mirrors, even the ceiling was a mirror. Every wall was a different door that led to another part of the Ionad. The room was only used by the royals and some of the higher ranking guards. It was the only room in the building besides the dungeon that a faerie could not teleport out of.

Finley slid through one of the doors, “I thought I’d find you here.” Linette jumped up and wrapped her arms around Finley’s neck. Finley wrapped his arms around her small waist and squeezed her closer to him. “Where are you off to in that dress?”

They both pulled out of the hug but held onto one another, “Do you want to know as my beau or my baronet?”

“Hmm…” he pondered a moment before he kissed her lightly on the lips. “I think beau is the appropriate answer.”

“I’m going into the city for a bit,” Linette was about to kiss Finley but he pulled his head back and unwrapped his hands from his waist.

“The city?” he asked. “What for?”

“For fun,” she said simply. “Mother hasn’t been feeling well so I figured I could leave without being noticed. It’s not like the gates are closed. Why are you angry?”

“I’m not angry Linette.” He took a few steps away from her as he tried to contain his frustration. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be going into the city by yourself.”

“I was going to ask you to join me,” she told him. “But you have your responsibilities here. I’m not useless Finley, I did ask someone else to accompany me.”

“Who?” he asked her. It wasn’t like she had many friends who would be able to protect her from Dark fae.

“Keeley, she’s my comrade and she’s one of your knights. We’re both rather excited about it. I hoped you would have been excited for us.”

“I am,” he sighed as he realized he was being irrational. He was thinking as both her beau and her baronet and occasionally those two intertwined. “Keeley’s the best knight in the garrison and I trust her.”

Linette knew his words did not sound convincing, “But…”

“But, the Queen is sick. Are you sure you should be leaving?”

Linette took Finley’s hand in hers, “Finley, I don’t get opportunities like this often. And when I become Queen I won’t have time to just have fun. I’ll be busy with a husband, kids, my people to take care of. It’s a lot to handle. The only benefit is that I have a while before that happens. So forgive me if I wish to enjoy my freedom while I have it. That involves loving you while I still can.” Linette kissed Finley’s soft lips.

“Are you two love birds done?” Keeley asked as she slipped into the chamber. “Linette we should go now before your beau here turns us in.” While Linette wore an appropriate outfit for the night, Keeley wore a mixture of both warriors gear and modern decade clothes.

“I’m not turning anyone in,” he said half laughing at how ridiculous she looked. “But if they ask me where the princess is…I’ll tell them she went off with the likes of you.”

“No one will ask you,” Keeley unlinked Linette’s hand from Finley’s. “They probably won’t even notice.”

“Alright,” Linette smiled at Finley and began to leave through one of the reflection chambers doors.

“Keeley,” Finley called to her. “Keep her safe.”

“Of course,” she promised him before they left Finley alone in the chamber.

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