When anxiety attacks


Just a few days ago I completed the first draft of Lost Daughter, the final book in the Storm Trilogy. Any normal person would have been so pleased by this and for the first day I was. It was so exciting besides the fact that meant I would be editing for the next few weeks. It was this same time last year anxiety hit me for the first time.

Last year just after I had finished the first draft of Fallen Warrior I got sick. I had pain in my chest for days and taking any kind of medicine didn’t help. At first, I thought it could be my heart because I do have a heart condition. That thought literally sent me into a spiral of surfing the internet for any answers which I do not recommend doing. It will make it worse, trust me. I swear, the amount of times WedMD has given me a heart attack based off of the symptom checker. It literally goes from ‘Oh, it’s just the flu’ to ‘You have cancer and you will die’ in a second.

After a few days I went to my doctor who basically knew it was just anxiety, but here I am again a year later. Because it was in my chest and bothering my stomach at the same time I didn’t believe she was right. That plus all the WebMD crap convinced me of my death. She explained anxiety to me like this, when you’re stressed out or nervous, anxiety will attack the weakest part of your body (I have a crap stomach). So that made more sense to me and I never really knew that’s what anxiety did. The only thing that sucks about this time around is that it’s attacking my joints. I have upgraded from chest pain and stomach problems to joint pain and nausea. It feels great!

I’m hoping a little relaxation time will take my mind off of it and I will be fully healed of my own brain in a few days. And if it’s not anxiety and I’m actually dying, send help.

Are there any other writers reading this that get anxiety? Or non writers? Or people? Do people actually read these blog posts?

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