They gave me medicine


pricing-of-prescription-drugsAt last, I am back from the depths of hell! Did you miss my presence? Did you even notice? Neither one of those questions matter to me one bit because I’m going to tell you about my absence anyway.

What I thought was some serious tension in my neck from anxiety turned out to be a torn muscle. Don’t get me wrong, I still get super anxious while I’m working on my books, but this is much different. I’ve torn a muscle in my chest before so I knew once I started feeling this irritating stretching feeling that it was a problem. That being said they gave me pain killers that make me feel like I’m floating in a foggy cloud. Even though I’ve been taking this medicine for the past few days, you’d think I would get used to the feeling, but nope. I hate it for so many reasons and I still can’t wrap my brain around why anyone would want to be this way all the time.

First of, there is no control. I’m sitting here thinking I can just work on my editing all week and relax and it will be great. Nope. I have been asleep 90% of the time. I have gotten none of my work done and it’s driving me to madness I tell you! I just want to get my work done for fuck sake.

Maybe people enjoy not having control, even with two cups of coffee in my system this shit still knocks me on my ass. I’m becoming a part of my couch. Hopefully this all heals up soon so I can work again. I apologize if this is just random ranting but I’m medicated and barely know left from right. Until my brain functions normally again I will see you soon lovelies!

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