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Spring Book Festival


Welcome to my random ramblings! I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of spring book fest in my area for a while now. For what ever reason, some places I’ve contacted about setting this up aren’t too keen on having one. It really doesn’t make much sense to me though. All you really need is a parking lot or field or indoor space for authors to set up booths. It would be like a white elephant sale but with authors. If all the authors pay a certain small fee to have a booth and who ever’s hosting the event makes money, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be interested in doing it. It’s literally a win win situation. Authors get to sell books and the host gets money for their own funds.

I can tell you from my experience (which isn’t much) that 90% of book events in NJ take place in south jersey. People have joked to me that all the opportunities are up north and they are sooooo wrong. Almost ever library I have contacted about setting up events not only for me but for other authors has either not replied and declined. Wouldn’t these libraries want to have more author events? It’s not like they have anyone else coming in. I don’t understand it. A book festival would be such a great idea.

This is the long struggle of indie authors. It’s like trying to pull teeth only harder.


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