What I find odd


Whenever I’m going through a situation either among my family or just person stuff, I try to understand the opposing side. I think that’s what makes my mind so fucked up. It’s like a back and forth tennis match that no one seems to win. My brain understands that things aren’t black and white. I am well aware that I don’t know everything, that I cannot possible understand every single detail to a situation. But my heart pulls me back to the reality of my feelings. Even if I understand an opposing side, it won’t change how it makes me feel. A lot of the time I think people forget this. Some people just see their side and can’t look past it to be in the other persons perspective. Maybe it’s because they secretly are afraid they’re wrong or they don’t want to understand.

This is all very cryptic, but it was the only thing I could think to write for today. My thoughts have been deep fried in so many things. I really need to start writing happier posts, but I was out late last night and I don’t think my mind is functioning properly. Perhaps when I write my Storm Trilogy blogpost tomorrow it will be a drabble, although I don’t even think I have many happy characters. I’ll think of something, until then my lovelies.


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