Storm Trilogy

Storm Trilogy!

Curse my stupid mind! I keep forgetting my Storm Trilogy Sunday’s, but at least this time I had a good excuse. The Spring book festival I posted about a few weeks ago is now in effect! I’m in the mist of signing authors up and planning panels so my brains a bit scattered at the moment.

For today, which is not actually Sunday, I found a picture I had an artist create for Tormented Soul. This is back when I thought I wanted someone to draw the cover. Not to any new author, if you’re writing a young adult book I highly recommend you do not use drawings for covers. Depending on your book of course. It took me three or four artists lovely drawings before I figured out I needed a digital work.


It’s an incredible work of art, but not something I would use for a cover. If I could actually draw something other than doodles, I would love to sketch out illustrations of some of my characters. If any artists have read my books and are feeling passionate about it, please draw me something!

Working on the last book, this picture gives me so many feels. I can’t wait to share it with all of you. For now, if anyone who hasn’t read the first book, it is still up on wattpad for free.


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