Your caps-lock is on


And just like that a blog post pops into my brain. I was sitting nicely in front of my computer earlier this afternoon thinking to myself ‘self, what can I possible write about today?’ Since my mind has been focused 90% on this event I’m planning, I had squat. Naturally, I exited my wordpress and sent out some emails that needed to be sent for the event. And for anyone who hasn’t experienced this, event planning is hard, especially when most of it is being planned by yourself. We’re talking flyers, websites, facebook posts, emails, schedule’s, all while still working on everything else I have to do. So I myself am stressed. The cause of this lovely blog post was brought on by a single email. You guessed it, written to me in all caps.

I’m a very understanding person. People have lives, they get stressed, I get it. But when I get told to contact you (which is vague by the way) by the end of the week and it’s Friday, how dare you reply to me in all caps that you can’t talk to me until the following week. If you can’t reply, what makes you think WRITING IT IN ALL CAPS WILL MAKE THE SITUATION ANY BETTER. DOES THIS MAKE MY BLOG POST BETTER? DOES IT?

I’m literally just trying to organize an event that brings the community to a library where twenty odd authors will be. I’m not making money. I’m not doing this for any other reason than simply my desire to get an interest in reading back to the people. That’s it. I’m still sitting here trying to figure out what the need to caps lock was. If the email was too much for one person to handle, why not simply ask nicely to wait another week even though you asked me to contact you. Is it too complicated to ask nicely? Where have manners gone?


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