Storm Trilogy

You believe what?!

final cover

Yesterday someone asked me where this urge for writing came from that lead me to self-publish. I can’t for the life of me remember if I ever went into detail about this on my blog, but I am today!

Rewind to little Dylann struggling through school, during my time in the fifth grade I basically had to go for after school help almost everyday. I was not good at reading at all. AT. ALL. Looking back now, I’m pretty sure it was because I never liked what we were reading in school. It was always boring. So my fifth grade teacher noticed that I liked poetry a lot and decided to start a poetry club just so I would be interested in reading. That’s when I began to enjoy writing. I was free to do what I wanted with no rules and it made sense to me. Since it only last a year, my passion for writing shriveled up again until grade eight when I could write whatever I wanted for a project. That project lead to an entire year of writing a story at lunch, after school, during sleep overs. I still have the hand written story to this day. But again, the writing side of me shriveled away during high school. During the summer of my graduation I had no clue what I wanted to do so I began to write a story. It didn’t last long. But I did show my sister who enjoyed it for a while until I got discouraged and gave up again.

This is where the Storm Trilogy began. It was about a year after high school when I did something most people don’t believe in. I went to a psychic. It was a birthday gift, but I’ve always loved this stuff. This psychic asked me about my creative side and at first I thought she was talking about my photography because that’s the only ‘creative side’ I had ever been complimented about. Then she corrected me and said ‘No, your writing’. It was in that moment all my memories of writing those few times before came flooding back to me. It was like I had erased them from my mind as just a stupid thing I did. After that she told me I would be a writer. Now, I know some people believe that these people just say random shit to you for your money, but this woman knew stuff she could not have known. I won’t say what, but the few people I was with said she knew secrets about them that they hadn’t told anyone. That being said I seriously started to consider writing again. I sat down in front of my computer and started typing a scene, followed by another, and another. I kept going until I was almost done when someone asked me what I would do with it. That’s when I looked into self-publishing and I haven’t gone back.

Call me a loon, but this is how I REALLY got the writing bug back. I can’t tell you how often I’m developing stories in my mind. One day I hope I can get them all down before I go completely insane. But this is where the Storm Trilogy developed. This is how it got started. This is how a flicker of passion sparked inside of me again. I can not tell you how often I end up texting my friend like I’m drunk while writing Finley scene’s. It’s like being a kid in a candy story, I just get really stupid.

That being said, Tormented Soul is on my wattpad which you can find here. Go read it and give me your thoughts damn it! Half the time people read it and say they like it, but I just want to bullshit about the characters. Who’s your favorite? Who do you hate? Which is your favorite friendship? Do you ship two characters? How crazy have I actually gone? Let me know!



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